Order Policy:

* Please note that all our abayas are tailored.

* The customer cannot cancel the order after 6 hours from placing the order.

Shipping Policy:

* Shipping is free.

• The order will be delivered within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally as per the specified duration by the chosen shipping company.

* The store is not responsible for any damage caused during the shipping process.

* Any delay in the delivery of the shipment due to the shipping company is beyond the store’s responsibility, and the customer should contact the shipping company.

* Once the shipment is handed over to the shipping company, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow up on their order with the shipping company, as the shipment is outside our control, and communication should be between the customer and the shipping company.

* In case the order is returned to the store by the shipping company due to:

1- The customer’s failure to respond to the shipping company or repeated postponement.

2- Error in the data provided in the shipping document, as specified by the customer before completing the order.

Due to the nature of our store, which provides custom-made products according to the customer’s request and our stated replacement and return policy, the order amount will not be refunded, and the customer will bear the shipping cost again.

* The order execution time takes from 10 to 15 working days

( Friday and Saturday are off ) and this period is not included.

* Dear customer, after approving the declaration that includes all the details and confirming the order, there is no cancellation or refund of the amount.